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Forever Seems Only Further

This is the essay I wrote that got featured in the school website a few years ago. I am afraid that they might clear their archives, so I had to upload it here. Good stuff.

Forever Seems Only Further

Breathe in for luck, breathe in so deep. This air is blessed, you share with
me .”

How often could one find music that somewhat truly captured one’s feelings? Only a few musical artists could touch a person’s heart and make one cry inside one way or another. Chris Carrabba, whose solo career is more popularly known as “Dashboard Confessional,” has been one of the artists whose careers are rapidly rising in the music scene these past few years because of his deeply, heart-felt lyrics and his emo-acoustic type of music.

You are the outline, of everything you would become .”

A few years back, Chris belonged to a hard-rock Christian band called “Further Seems Forever." Even then, Chris already stood out from the band for becoming the lyricist and the vocalist. His emotional singing and meaningful lyrics came as a great commodity for the band. Unfortunately, after creating only one album and touring with the band for quite a bit, Chris kind of got weary of rocking it out with the band. Some say that he was never able to blend in with the band maybe because of internal disagreements. Nonetheless, he quit the band and created his own solo career, Dashboard Confessional, which is a far cry from his once hard-rock background.

There’s not a word that I comprehend, except when it’s signed that I will love you always, and forever.

As Chris grew up, his mom would put him in front of the television with “MTV” on and say to him that he would be the one performing on television one day. He did grow up playing his guitar and writing his own songs, but judging from how he grew up, one would never think he would make it big in the music industry one day. Ironically, what Chris was heartbroken about was the one that launched him high above. He had a rocky love-life. One would definitely be able to see how depressed and heartbroken he felt in almost all the relationships he has had based on his writings. He based his lyrics on his unsuccessful campaign on romance and wrote about it in a very distinct, detailed, poetic, story-telling manner that would make the listener relate to what he went through. In his song The Brilliant Dance, he sings “ And the plaster dented from your fist in the hall where you had your first kiss, reminds you that the memories will fade .” It tells of a hall where the wall has been dented from his fist; he probably punched the wall in anger, reminiscing the moments he had. Within moments of listening to the song, the listener would feel for him and join him in his painful experiences. Although it would seem like a sad plan to listen to Chris Carrabba’s songs, the listener would actually feel great after the heart-felt moment rather than feel awful after the song because Chris would always have a certain touch to his songs.

Turning to you is like falling in love when you’re ten .”

Touching hearts with such poetic writing and such emotional singing, Chris has truly made a stand in the music industry. Chris Carrabba is definitely a unique musical performer and is worthy to be called a musical artist.

Originally posted: March 13, 2005 at http://web.xs.edu.ph/issues/2005-Mar-17/xscorner/Forever.php

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