Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Sound of The Stereo, The Dim of the Soft Lights

I was rummaging through some Dashboard Confessional articles, posts, and other whatnot vitals and suddenly came across a beautiful story written by someone explaining what DC meant for him. A very moving story and a life that has been affected by something more than sounds, something more than music, but by the essence and meaning of each casted note and each pronounced lyric.

Here's the story:

"On April 27th 2005, I traveled to see Dashboard Confessional. Approximately one month removed from what was the most meaningful relationship I’ve ever had with a girlfriend had ended. Life took an unexpected turn, and here I was driving along I-190 in Upstate NY to follow through with plans and wishes that I had with that significant other. Driving along the quaint houses of Brockport and arriving to the venue, I braced myself for what was going to be a difficult night to get through. I was on my own for this trip and singing along to the same songs that I lied in bed with my girlfriend with tears in my eyes, I made it through the show. It was the first time in a long time of realizing that I was on my own. It was a hard pill to swallow and the drive back made me just want to reach home faster.

However, there was a moment where I thought I wasn’t going to get that chance…

I cried, I cried a lot, to the point where I was blinded with tears and I did everything I can to stay focus on the road, I put whatever I had on the CD player at the time, and cranked up the volume while I kept driving. I was driving fast, probably because I didn’t care since I just wanted the tears to stop. The ‘Best Deceptions’ came on the radio and with every guitar riff and every heartfelt lyric, it stopped me dead…I pulled over to the side of the road and really listened to that song and what it meant to me. There haven’t been to many moments in my life where something compelled me to stand still but for those 4 minutes on the side of the highway, I felt that was the moment that was going to change everything, the way I was feeling, and the way that I felt about my life.
“I’m waiting for blood to flow to my fingers; I’ll be alright when my hands get warm.”
Those words made me feel as if it wasn’t the end of the world and from that moment on, every time I’ve listened to that song, it reminds me that for those 4 minutes, I never felt alone.
I think that’s why I’ve loved this band for so many years. During that time, there have been more scars then I care to count when it comes to relationships.
For most people, they just see it as music, but to me, I’ve always felt that the ‘Best Deceptions’ song saved my life. It helped me become a stronger person in the face of adversity.

I recently experienced one of those moments that made me buckle at my knees.
Sitting in my car, and listening to someone say that they don’t love you anymore, and that the feelings they once had is dead is still hard to get through. As I get older, it doesn’t get any easier but I know what I can do to get through it.

I’ve learned that people can come and go in your life and in the last twenty two years there have been moments that I consider the best times of my life. They were the times where everything just made sense and I understand why things happen for a reason.
I think about that night in Brockport as a reminder that life gets better.
It can be messed up at times, but you’ll survive and with the latest breakup I can be assured that I’ll be alright.

Music can carry a different interpretation to many people, but Dashboard Confessional is one of those bands where I know will never leave me. It’s comforting, it’s assuring, and when it comes to live concerts, I know that when I see Chris Carrabba play live, it brings a newfound sense of clarity. After seeing them play 25 concerts, I can honestly say that there have been 25 days of my life that just made sense. When I listen to Dashboard, I don’t feel as alone and that’s what helps me during those times when the single life can get me down at times.

What this band means to me is something that few people can ever understand. I’ve experienced the highest of highs as well as the lowest of lows, but throughout it all, I wouldn’t have traded anything in the world if it meant that I would be able to just sing my heart out and leave everything that is holding me down at a show. To know that there is someone in that room who can relate to the same feelings and emotions that is expressed on that stage by a guy with an acoustic guitar and heartfelt lyrics makes me feel that I’m not as alone as I think I am."


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